Preparing for your appointment

If you have a history of mental health concerns please bring all relevant psychiatric records to your appointment, including any psychiatric consult letters.  

If your appointment is regarding attention-deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) or learning difficulties please bring paper copies of your official school records from childhood through to adulthood (e.g. report cards, transcripts), psycho-educational reports/learning assessments, and any letters from psychiatrists or psychologists regarding your condition. It is advised that you obtain these records prior to scheduling your appointment with Dr. Waraich, as it will improve the quality of your diagnostic report (however it is not mandatory).

Check-in process 

We advise you to come to the office 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Once you arrive at the office, please check in with the receptionist. Please inform the receptionist that you are seeing Dr. Waraich as an MSP patient and ask for the MSP patient questionnaire package to complete.

If this package has an "IME consent form" on the first page, you have been given the wrong package. Please go to the receptionist and ask again for the MSP package.

If you have arrived 30 minutes early you will have approximately 45 minutes to complete the questionnaire package which includes detailed questions about your mental health issues and a number of standardized mental health questionnaires; it is approximately 13 pages in length. Please take the time to fill the questionnaires out as thoroughly and accurately as possible.  

After you have completed the package you will meet with Dr. Waraich to compete the remainder of the assessment. If you are unable to complete the package on time because it takes you longer than 45 minutes or you have arrived late, you will be seen, but Dr. Waraich may need to schedule another appointment to complete the assessment.


Dr. Waraich is a consultant psychiatrist and does not schedule follow-up appointments, provide ongoing psychiatric care, nor provide medication prescriptions.

Your physician will receive a copy of your psychiatric consultation 1-2 weeks after the assessment date and will prescribe medications and oversee your care based on the recommendations of Dr. Waraich. If after 6 months your mental health issues are not resolved, you can be referred for a new consultation with Dr. Waraich.